BASRA, Iraq, May 14 (KUNA) -- A Danish soldier lost his life and five others were wounded when their patrol came under fire of unidentified militants in Al-Haritha area, north Basra, south Iraq, Monday afternoon.
The attack pushed the British forces, stationed in the area, to step in immediately, triggering a new attack by militants who used rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns, spokesperson of the British troops in Iraq said in a press release.
Several roadside bombs were also detonated targeting the British enhancements on the road to the battlefield.
A British armored vehicle was damaged but no casualties were reported, according to the spokesperson.
Denmark has 600-member force stationed in Qarna City, north Basra, as part of the Multi-National Force (MNF) in Iraq. (end) KUNA 150043 May 07NNNN