KUN0052 4 GEN 0334 FRANCE /AFP -NCH9 MIL-AFGHANISTAN-UNREST Senior police officer among 10 dead in Afghanistan KABUL, Aug 15 (KUNA) -- Ten people, including six policemen, three Taliban and a suspected al-Qaeda member, have been killed as violence raged in different parts of Afghanistan on Tuesday. The six policemen killed by Taliban also included a district chief of the police department. They were ambushed by Taliban fighters as the officer was returning from his native district of Gulistan to provincial capital of Afghanistan's western Farah province. Four other policemen suffered injuries in the ambush, officials said. But Taliban spokesman Yousuf Ahmadi said eight police personnel, including the officer, had been killed in the attack. In the southeastern Khowst province, the US forces conducted raid on house, allegedly used by al-Qaeda elements for carrying out attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. Coalition's spokesman Colonel Thomas Collins said 13 people surrendered as the soldiers surrounded the compound and challenged the inmates to come out. However, one man, disguised as woman, resisted and was shot dead by the soldiers. The spokesman said large number of arms, ammunitions and explosives were recovered from the compound where some 60 women and children were also kept by the militants. The spokesman said the terrorists were using the innocent civilians as human shield. In Helmand, the worst insurgency-hit province in Afghanistan, officials claimed they had killed three Taliban fighters following a swoop on in the Garamser area. Police chief of the province Nabi Mulakhail said the Taliban were proceeding towards the centre of Garamser district to capture the offices. He said the police ambushed them and in the ensuing fight, three were killed while the rest managed to flee. About a month back, the militia had forcefully occupied the district from Afghan police; however, they later retreated in face of severe bombardment from the coalition planes. (end) gk.bs KUNA 151621 Aug 06NNNN