KUN0060 4 GEN 0149 KUWAIT /KUNA-UDO8 MIL-LD IRAQ-RAID Al-Qaeda terrorist killed near Iraqi-Syrian borders -- MNF BAGHDAD, Aug 30 (KUNA) -- A terrorist of Al-Qaeda organization was killed in a US air raid in Al-Qaem near the Iraqi-Syrian borders Tuesday, the Multi-National Force (MNF) confirmed. It added in a statement that Amir Husseiba, nick-named Abu Islam, was killed in the air raid on one of the buildings he was using as a hideout in the Karabla city. "Abu Islam is a leader of the terrorist groups in the western area and he is called Amir Hussseiba," it said. Other fighters were killed in the air raid, but their number is not yet available. Medical sources at Karabla said the air raid killed around 47 people, whose nationalities are unknown. The coalition forces conducted the raid according to intelligence tip that Abu Islam and his comrades were hiding in Al-Qaem. (pickup previous) mhg.bs KUNA 301515 Aug 05NNNN