KUN0074 4 GEN 0361 KUWAIT /KUNA-RSQ5 POL-IRAQ-POLAND Polish PM asserts support for reconstructing Iraq IRBIL, July 27 (KUNA) -- Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka on Wednesday asserted his country's support for the construction of Iraq. At a joint press conference with the President of Kurdistan Region Masaud Barzani, Belka said that Poland is exerting efforts to help Kurds and Iraqis reconstruct Iraq, noting that Poland is closely watching the developments in Iraq, especially the political ones. He added that the visit aims at establishing direct relationships between Poland and the Kurdistan region, especially between Kurdish and Polish companies, describing economic relationships as very important. On diplomatic representation, Belka said that Poland may establish a consulate in Kurdistan region in addition to the current embassy in Baghdad. However, he added, this matter is a recommendation, not a promise. Meanwhile, Barzani said that talks between the two sides focused on the economic and investment fields, noting the broad horizons for economic exchange between Poland and Iraq in general, and Kurdistan region in particular. He praised the visit, which is the first for a European prime minister, describing it as a good initiative to establish relationships between the two sides. On the Iraqi constitution, Barzani said that a Kurdish delegation is visiting Baghdad currently to follow-up with the constitutional process, noting that Kurdistan insists on including all its basic demands in the new permanent Iraqi constitution. Belka arrived in Irbil Airport on Wednesday accompanied by a delegation that includes the ministers of foreign affairs, economics, and finance, in addition to a number of businessmen. The delegation was received by Kurdistan's Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani. Secretary of the Political Office in the Kurdistan Democratic Party Fazel Mirani described the visit as historical, noting that talks between the two sides focused on joint investments, facilitations provided for Polish businessmen and companies to invest in Kurdistan's private sector only, and the government's support for these companies. (end) sbr.fhd KUNA 271811 Jul 05NNNN