KUN0109 4 GEN 0204 KUWAIT /KUNA-NHC6 POL-KUWAIT-MUNICIPALITY-SHAYJI Candidate Al-Shayji asserts importance of approving new structural plan KUWAIT, May 27 (KUNA) -- Fourth municipal district (Hawally) candidate for Municipality Elections 2005 Abdulaziz Al-Shayji asserted on Friday the importance of approving a new structural plan due to its positive effects on economic and social lives in Kuwait. In a speech at the opening of his election center, Al-Shayji said "the plan is considered a comprehensive strategy for the coordinated development of using lands and transportation, which would allow economic and social lives in Kuwait to develop". He added that the plan represents the political strategies and the general plan that Kuwait Municipality adapts when dealing with ministries, authorities, and the private sector, noting that creating this plan requires studying the statistics and needs of the public and government authorities for the next 25 years. Al-Shayji called for more concerns for the environment, noting that the next Municipality Council should reduce the size and quantity of waste, reduce the size of waste disposal site, and reduce the effects of these sites on the environment and public health. (end) mab.rj.fhd KUNA 280013 May 05NNNN