KUN0022 4 GEN 0232 KUWAIT /KUNA-LFX2 LAW-OMAN-TRIAL Oman sentences members of secret group between one to 20 years MUSCAT, May 2 (KUNA) -- Oman's state security court sentenced on Monday 31 nationals between one to 20 years in jail for organizing a secret banned organization and plotting to overthrow the government. A statement issued by the court said six of the defendants were sentenced for 20 years, 12 for ten years, another 12 for seven years and one for one year in prison. A judicial source told KUNA that this type of trial is the first in Oman's judicial history which was held in public and attended by the tribal leaders of the defendants, their relatives and local press. The trial started in April, where the court heard the suspects' indictments and looked over the evidence presented in the official interrogations files. The accusations were mainly focused on the individuals' participation in an underground organization plotting to forcefully topple the regime and restore the Emamat state in Oman, in addition to unauthorized possession and sale of automatic weapons and ammunitions. The secret organization is made up of eight masterminds planning their movements and several small groups functioning in different parts of the country attracting people by holding lectures and seminars. Over 100 members of the organization were arrested in the beginning of the year. (end) ahr.hm KUNA 021213 May 05NNNN