KUN0085 4 GEN 0373 KUWAIT /KUNA-UIM3 MDA-GERMANY-RADIO-SHOW Telephone FM from Berlin, targets Iraqi youth in Baghdad By: Shuaa Al-Qatti BERLIN, Nov 28 (KUNA) -- A radio programming targeting Iraqi youth in Baghdad is broadcasting from Berlin. The programs are financed by the German Government in an attempt to create some kind of a cultural exchange between the two countries. The program, called Telephone FM, is a project financed by the German ministry of foreign affairs that presents a mix of Arab and western music to the Iraqi youth. In a meeting with a number of Arab media figures participating in the German-Arab Media Dialogue, Founder of the program Anja Wollenberg said that the radio programs target Iraqi male and female youth between the ages of 18 and 35. Wollenberg added that the project is supervised by a number of Germans and Iraqi people and depends on public interviews about Iraqi music, in addition to discussing Arab-western subjects that concern the Iraqi youth at this age. She noted that the goal of the program is to reinforce the relationships between Berlin and Baghdad and to discuss a number of joint issues between the two countries. Wollenberg said that the German foreign ministry does not aim, through the radio station, at presenting a German role model to the Iraqi youth, but it hopes to give the Iraqi youth a chance to discuss a number of matters related to their lives, noting that choosing the discussion topics is based upon daily events in Iraq. Meanwhile, Fares Abed, an employee in the radio station, said that his contribution in the radio program comes from his desire to create direct dialogue with the Iraqi youth and create a window for them to discuss issues that concern them away from the absolute facts that some people believe in. Abed added that this program would contribute in helping the Iraqi youth understand the political and social events and help them discuss these events away from social or political violence. Regarding any restrictions, he noted that there are no restrictions or guidelines on the radio station from neither the Iraqi Interim Government nor the German Government. Telephone FM started with a 90-minutes broadcast five days a week. (end) saq.fhd KUNA 282140 Nov 04NNNN