KUN0052 4 GEN 0059 KUWAIT /KUNA-QSJ0 POL-SYRIA-CABINET-RESHUFFLE Syrian cabinet reshuffle involves eight portfolios-Sana DAMASCUS, Oct 4 (KUNA) -- President Bashar Al-Assad has reshuffled the Otri led government on Monday, removing eight cabinet members namely Information, Industry, Health, Awqaf, Interior, Economy and Trade, Justice, Social affairs and labour. - According to the reshuffle Ghassan Tayara is named Minister of Industry replacing Safi Abou Dan, Maher Hammami Minister of Health replacing Iyad Al-Shatti, Ziad Al-Ayoubi Minister of Awqaf replacing Mohammad Ziadeh, Amer Lutfi Minister of Economy and Trade replacing Ghassan Al-Rifai, Mahdi Dakhlallah Minister of Information instead of Mohammad Al-Hasan, Mohammad Al-Ghafri as Minister of Justice instead of Nizar Al-Isa, General Ghazi Kanaan Interior Minister replacing General Ali Hamud and Diala Al-Haj Aref Minister of Social Affairs and Labour replacing Siham dillo who has been suffering from stroke for few months. (end) tk.am.mm KUNA 041509 Oct 04NNNN