KUN0088 4 GEN 0173 KUWAIT /KUNA-NTY0 SPT-OLYMPICS-KUWAIT-RESULTS Kuwaiti athletes in Judo, hammer, running exit Olympic competition KUWAIT, Aug 20 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti athletes in Judo, hammer, and running exited preliminary rounds in Olympic competition in Athens on Friday. Majid Sultan lost to his US competitor in 100 Kilogram Judo wrestling. In throwing hammer, Ali Zangewi took 31st place out of a total of 33 when he could only throw hammer for a distance of 71.06 meters, which disqualified him for the next rounds of competition. In 100 meter running races for ladies, the Kuwaiti runner Dana Nasrallah placed 61 out of 63 when she was clocked at 13.49 seconds, which disqualified her from further preliminiary competition. The runner Fawzi Dahash al-Shimmeri exited from further competition for men's 400 meter running when he ranked seventh in his group of eight runners, clocking a time of 48.25 seconds. However, Al-Shimmeri will have another chance at Olympic glory on August 24 when he takes part in the 200 meter running race. (end) bs.ajs KUNA 210005 Aug 04NNNN