KUN0083 4 GEN 0238 KUWAIT /KUNA-LAT8 POL-IRAN-RUSSIA-ROHANI Iran's nuclear program focuses on peaceful purposes-- Rohani TEHRAN, July 5 (KUNA) -- Iran's cooperation with the IAEA is a clear evidence of its peaceful nuclear program and of its adherence to IAEA regulations, said Monday secretary general of the national security council Hassan Rohani. In a statement issued by the council following Rohani's meeting here with his visiting Russian counterpart Igor Ivanov, Rohani indicated that Iran adhered to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and cooperated with the IAEA by signing the additional protocol required of it by the IAEA. As for the Bushehr nuclear plant, Rohani said it was the result of technological cooperation between Iran and Russia. Ivanov on his part noted that Iran's nuclear policy was "wise" and headed off the UN Security Council from having to look further into the Iranian nuclear issue, said the statement by the Iranian national security council. The Russian official said that work on the Bushehr plant would be concluded by 2005 and the plant would be officially inaugurated by 2006. The plant is ostensibly being constructed for the production of electric power at a cost of 800 million dollars, say Iranian officials. Meanwhile Russia is facing pressure from the US to suspend work on the plant. Invanov's visit here is scheduled for several days and is in response to an invitation from Rohani. (end) jy.ajs KUNA 052338 Jul 04NNNN