KUN0034 4 GEN 0239 KUWAIT /KUNA-HHE7 ECO-KUWAIT-BOURSE-COFFEE Coffee shop for bourse traders revives Mubarak Al-Kabeer Street By Khalil Al-Qinai (With photos) KUWAIT, May 11 (KUNA) -- A unique coffee shop has been opened on Mubarak Al-Kabeer Street, where the most prestigious financial institutions and banks are located, and customers can now enjoy Canadian coffee while following up on values of Kuwait stock market shares and foreign currencies. This coffee shop, Second Cup, is located in a strategic area where around it are the Kuwait Stock Market (bourse), local banks, local and international financial offices, real estate companies and major general trading companies. Its local is also in the proximity of some of the important government centers and Kuwait's cultural and historic markets. The Director General for Second Cup in Kuwait and the Middle East Isam Dagher told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that opening the coffee shop in this location was his idea, adding that it may be the first of its kind not only in the Middle East by also globally. He added that the coffee shop is equipped with high tech equipment including a five meter electronic strip displaying values of Kuwait's stock market during the day and international market values during the evening. Fifteen screens have also been set up to display economic news stations, he said, adding that there is a plan to broadcast KUNA news updates as well. Dagher added that the electronic strip installation and its maintenance comes in cooperation with Kuwait and the Middle East Fin. Inv. Co., a company specialized in bourse information technology. He added that customers can use smart cards and link to use the Fast Link service available at the coffee shop for wireless access to the Internet. The Assistant Director General of Kuwait and the Middle East Fin. Inv. Co. Abdul-Mohsen Al-Qarouni told KUNA that there company's special bourse program has in fact been introduced in Kuwait and abroad, adding that it has also provided solutions to some of the technical problems in displaying bourse values. Al-Qarouni said that his company is the only one providing this instantaneous display service in cooperation with the Kuwaiti bourse. For his part, the Director of the Public Relations Department at the Kuwait Bourse Abdul-Hakim Al-Fulaij told KUNA that the opening of Second Cup in this location is a positive move, as the area lacks in places where the businessmen who frequent this important financial and economic location can relax. (end) kq.zab.bk.ema