Road map is in danger - Moussa CAIRO, June 12 (KUNA) -- Arab League Secretary General Amr Mussa on Thursday said that the road map is in danger due to Israel's lack of commitment about avoiding any harm to Palestinian civilians.
"With the current lack of security between the Palestinians and the Israelis, this road map is on the brink." Moussa told reporters.
He added "the road map present a window of opportunity, the two sides must take advantage of such an opportunity," adding that the Palestinian side is dealing with this map and willing to execute it but the Israeli side seemed unwilling to take such commitment.
He added that the real execution of the map is the dismantlement of all settlements and not some random ones in addition to Israel's withdraw from occupied lands and end of violence.
Moussa expressed his hope that the year 2005 would be the year where an independent state of Palestine would be set up and see the end of Israeli occupation of Arab lands in the Golan Heights and Lebanon.
"Washington must insist on executing the road map and end Israel's assassination policies," the Arab League Secretary General said. (end) mfm.jsy KUNA 121837 Jun 03NNNN