Tatchell bailed after Blair motorcade "ambush" LONDON, Mar 13 (KUNA) -- Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell was released on bail Thursday after allegedly ambushing British Prime Minister Tony Blair's motorcade, Scotland Yard said.
Blair's car was confronted in central London last night, forced to stop, and a number plate was partly pulled from the front of the vehicle.
Scotland Yard confirmed that a 51-year-old man had been arrested in Piccadilly, central London, over an alleged breach of the peace.
But a spokesman insisted there was no breach of security as Blair was on his way to greet his German counterpart Gerhard Schroeder at the Royal Academy of Art.
Tatchell, who was protesting about the British Government's stance on Iraq, was seized by uniformed police and bodyguards who leapt from the Prime Minister's vehicle.
Speaking from a central London police station last night, Tatchell told reporters by telephone "I ran in front of the Prime Minister's car, forcing it to a halt".
"The Prime Minister looked shocked and then the security people jumped out of the car and took hold of me. I held on to the underside of the car and was eventually dragged away by about eight officers", he said.
When he allegedly confronted the motorcade Tatchell was carrying a placard reading "Arm the Kurds, Topple Saddam".
He said regime change should be achieved in Iraq by the international community arming Kurdish and Shia rebels, rather than launching direct military action.
Tatchell said he was questioned on suspicion of breach of the peace and criminal damage before being bailed.
He must report to the police station again on April 3.
A Downing Street spokesman said "This is a matter for the police".(end) he.kf KUNA 131304 Mar 03NNNN