Qatar calls for closer Arab solidarity in face of Israel DOHA, oct 9 (KUNA) -- Qatar on Wednesday called for a closer Arab solidarity surpassing issuance of rhetoric statements that of no use to the palestinian people and that belittled the Arab nation, to providing tangible action translated into reality to enable defending "our common cause, the cause of the palestinian people".
Qatar, in a statement issued following a cabinet weekly session, condemned the massacre and brutal practices committed by Israeli occupation troops in Khan Younis, Gaza last Monday in which tens of unarmed Palestinians martyred and injured.
The cabinet reiterated that last Monday's massacre and inhumane violations against Palestinians constituted a continuation of the brutal and aggressive policy Israel is perperating in open defiance to international legitimacy resolutions and international conventions and norms.
The cabinet stressed that such Israeli policy necessitated that the Arab nation had to forge closer solidarity to enable defending the cause of the Palestinian people.
The cabinet appealed to the international community to shoulder its responsibilities by providing international protection to the Palestinian people and putting an end to the constant Israeli aggression. The cabinet reiterated that commitment to international legitimacy rules and hounoring commitments were the best way for achieving security and stability and in the region.(end)
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