KIO telling the U.S. press that Omar Al-Faruq is not a Kuwait citizen WASHINGTON, Sept 18 (KUNA) -- The Kuwait Information Office in Washington said on Wednesday that published U.S. reports describing alleged Al Qaeda terrorist Omar Al-Faruq as a citizen of Kuwait are false.
The latest edition of Time magazine carried a cover story which called Al-Faruq a Kuwaiti and important figure in Al Qaeda operations in South Asia, arrested in Indonesia two months ago and turned over to U.S. authorities recently.
The KIO said U.S. television reports had reported information from U.S. officials that Al-Faruq had provided specific and credible information about plots to attack the United States, since his arrest.
KIO Acting Director Tareq Al-Mezrem said he had provided to a large number of U.S. television and press organizations information from the official spokesman of Kuwait's Ministry of the Interior, Lieutenant-Colonel Ahmad Al-Sharqawi, explaining that Al-Faruq is not a Kuwaiti citizen.
Al-Sharwaqi said the ministry had confirmed that "the man in question is Mahmoud Ahmad Mohammed Ahmad.
"Ahmad was born in Iraq in 1969 and carries an Iraqi passport with the number 0547547/535 under the same name." Al-Sharwaqi said Ahmad carried additional passports under different names and left Kuwait for Turkey on August 25, 1995.
Al-Mezrem said on Wednesday "Al-Faruq is absolutely not a Kuwaiti citizen." (end) dm.mab KUNA 182057 Sep 02NNNN