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Jordan won''t name street after Saddam Hussein - PM

AMMAN, Jan 9 (KUNA) -- Jordan Prime Minister Sameer Al-Rifae said his government would not name a street in a southern town after Saddam Hussein.
"Prime Minister Al-Rifae affirms that the idea of naming the street will not be recognized by the Jordanian Hashemite Kingdom," Kuwait's Ambassador to Jordan Faisal Al-Humoud Al-Sabah told KUNA Saturday.
The local municipal council in Al-Mazar town, southern Jordan, revoked a decision to name a street after Saddam Hussein.
Minister of State for Information and Communications Nabeel Al-Shareef told the Ammon news service people of Al-Mazar submitted a petition to the municipal council to revoke their decision as to name one of the streets in Al-Rumaitha Area after Saddam Hussein.
The council met to discuss the petition and canceled the decision. (end) nas.bsb.bs KUNA 092215 Jan 10NNNN