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AIP calls on Iran to respect int''l treaties relevant to Bahrain, UAE

(With photos) DAMASCUS, March 22 (KUNA) -- The Arab Interim Parliament (AIP) called here on Sunday the Iranian government to respect international treaties and conventions on the Independence of the Kingdom of Bahrain and fully support the right of the United Arab Emirates over the islands occupied by Iran.
This came during an ordinary AIP session which was headed by Parliament Speaker Mohammad Jasem Al-Saqer in the presence of Kuwait's ambassador to Syria Ahmad Fahad Al-Awadhi.
About allegations and claims by Iran that Bahrain is part of the Persian Empire, the conferees called on the Iranian officials to refrain from repeating such statements and to comply with the official view of the Iranian government and to make sure that these statements do not represent the official view of Iran and that the Arab identity and independence of the Kingdom of Bahrain is not for discussion.
The Arab parliamentarians reiterated that the Iranian statements harm the fraternal relations and common interests between Iran and the Arab States, and that the recurrence of such statements and irresponsible allegations undermine confidence between the peoples and lead to instability in the region.
On the UAE islands occupied by Iran, the Arab parliamentarians expressed full support of the UAE to its three islands Abu Musa, Lesser Tunb and Greater Tunb, as well as supporting all peaceful measures taken by the UAE to regain sovereignty over its occupied islands.
They also condemned statements of Iranian officials in the government which harm the sovereignty of the UAE over its three islands and demanded Iran to translate its stated desire to improve relations with the Arab states to concrete steps.
They also asked to prove good intentions of the Iranian policy towards the Arab states, supposed to begin by ending the Iranian occupation of the UAE islands and to respond to the sincere and earnest calls from the UAE to end the occupation and acceptance of direct negotiations or refer the dispute to the International Court of Justice (ICJ).
The AIP welcomed the outcome of the joint meetings of the Arab Foreign Ministers and their Latin counterparts that was held recently in Cairo on the invitation of Iran to respond positively to the proposals of the UAE to reach a peaceful settlement of the occupied UAE islands. (end) tk.tg KUNA 221657 Mar 09NNNN