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Fourteen defendants in ''99 Sadr City uprising appear in court next month

BAGHDAD, June 10 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi High Criminal Court announced on Tuesday that 14 accused will appear before court late next month on charges of suppression of Sadr City uprising in 1999, in which Shiite cleric Mohammad Sadiq Al-Sadr, father of Muqtada Al-Sadr, was assassinated.
Vice President of the Court Munir Haddad told KUNA over the phone that the 14 defendants of Saddam's Hussein's ousted regime would appear on July 31st before a judicial committee at the Iraqi High Criminal Court.
Haddad revealed that among the defendants would be Tariq Aziz, Deputy Prime Minister of the defunct regime, Saddam's half brothers Watban Ibrahim Al-Hassan and Sabawi Ibrahim Al-Hassan, his cousin Ali Hassan Al-Majid in addition to member of the national leadership in the former regime Ikklah Sakkar and Director of military intelligence Sabir Aziz Al-Douri, as well as a number of other suspects. (end) mhg.hb KUNA 110027 Jun 08NNNN