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GCC plastic artists hold exhibition in Tehran

(With photos) TEHRAN, Sept 1 (KUNA) -- Plastic artists from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states held an exhibition in the Iranian capital, Tehran, Saturday with active Kuwaiti participation.
The exhibition, titled "Gulf Colors from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Islamic Republic of Iran," features participation of over 40 artists from six GCC states. It was inaugurated by Princess Nouf bint Bandar Al-Saud and vice-chairman of Iranian Tradition Organization Hossein Jaafari.
Kuwait is represented by Adel Al-Mishall, Fadhel Al-Ra'ees, Ahmad Bandar, Muna Mubarak, Wedad Al-Mutawwa', Abdulkareem Abdullah, Ruqayya Al-Mejren, Haya Al-Khalifa, Najat Al-Riyahi and Noura Abdulhadi.
Al-Mishaal, who heads the Kuwaiti delegation, told KUNA the exhibition aimed at displaying the Kuwaiti plastic art to the peoples of other countries.
Al-Mishaal said the exhibition was part of similar exhibitions to be held in 25 countries around the world, noting that the first was held in Cairo, the second in Tunis and the third was hosted by Tehran.
"Art has no history, no country and no place but the Iranian recepient should get aquainted with every modern aspect in the GCC states," he said. (end) mw.bs KUNA 012243 Sep 07NNNN