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Information Ministry keen on devising a comprehensive media strategy-

KUN0080 4 GEN 0246 FRANCE /KUNA-MQX9 MDA-KUWAIT-JOURNALISTS-ABULHASAN Information Ministry keen on devising a comprehensive media strategy- Abulhasan KUWAIT, Nov 2 (KUNA) -- Information Minister Mohammad Abulhasan stressed on Sunday that the Ministry is keen on devising a comprehensive strategy and philosophy for the Kuwaiti media. Abulhasan said in a gathering with journalists, organized by the Kuwaiti Journalists Association, that the Kuwaiti media should change its goals and nature to accommodate the new situation. The Kuwaiti media was preoccupied with the issues of security, but after the fall of the regime in Baghdad the Kuwaiti media should focus on internal and national issues that reflect the policy of Kuwait and to open-up to the international media in the era of the information revolution, Abulhasan said. He said, the media strategy should be based on values, traditions and overall development in order to face-up wrong images and stereotypes that were wrongly associated with Kuwait. An explosion in information has occurred, and we have to adapt to what happened in order to set our own media policy. He said that all the countries in the world now are subject to scrutiny by the media as the whole world ahs turned into a small village. The minister said that the ministry intends to form joint task teams with other ministries such as the ministry of education, interior, Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Trade and Industry and other institutions. He said that the media does not set the foreign policy but it should accommodate it, hand in hand with diplomatic missions. Abulhasan said that it is important to set the proper channels to ensure the spread of the Kuwaiti media overseas and to highlight the role of the intellectuals and the Kuwaiti friendships committees. Regarding Kuwait Television, the minister said that the television is being evolved in the time being and it needs some time to stabilize, adding that there should be more dialogue programs and documentaries that link us with our past. He also praised the role of Radio Kuwait saying that it has a long history of being a pioneer in its field. The minister said that the tourism section in the ministry managed to place Kuwait again on the international tourism map, adding that there are high hopes attached to that section. He also praised the role of Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) saying that it managed to face up to the challenges posed by the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 and played its role inside and outside Kuwait, adding that KUNA is a place of interest not only by the ministry but by the whole state. (end) saq.bk