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Report: Social media trends shape tourists' behavior in France

The capital of France
The capital of France
Report by Mohammad Al-Otaibi PARIS, July 9 (KUNA) -- Tourism trends in France underwent noticeable changes recently with social media platforms being the largest contributor to influencing and shaping consumer behavior.
TikTok, a platform where influencers create content for millions of users worldwide, is credited with being an influential tool and a hefty marketing technique.
Charles Corrot, owner of Paris-based Nuance cafe, told KUNA that his cafe gained popularity thanks to the social media platform, saying that trendy hashtags, short videos, collaborations and personal anecdotes all help direct interest to certain destinations.
Corrot explained that TikTok targets a specific demographic, an age group that actively interacts with digital content.
He spoke of creators sharing their gastronomic experiences saying that appetizing posts of croissants, crepes and French cheese are attracting visitors to luxurious restaurants and local nooks alike.
Influencers and touristic enterprises are facing challenges with rising competitiveness and retaining credibility. These challenges, however, are creating opportunities for new and innovative marketing strategies.
Stephane Louvard, owner of Louvard cafe and creator of the crookie, a croissant with cookie dough, told KUNA that his concoction went viral thanks to social media platforms.
When asked whether he hired an influencer to market the crookie, Louvard said it all happened spontaneously, calling it an incredible phenomenon.
He mentioned that he used to bake around 100 to 150 pieces per day, but the crookie became so famous that production reached 1,500 to 2,350 pieces per day.
The apparent influence of social media platforms on French tourism could very well be a chance to expand industry horizons. (end) mao.aai