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Charity project begins in West Bank with support of Kuwait's IICO

RAMALLAH, June 24 (KUNA) -- The Solidarity Association for Social and Cultural Development (Tadamon)'s President Alaa Maqboul said that the association began the distributing Eid Al-Adha sacrificial meat in the West Bank in cooperation with Kuwait's International Islamic Charity Organization (IICO).
The President told KUNA that the project was executed under the slogan (your sacrifice is a ritual and feeding), and the meat was distributed to the families of orphans registered with it.
Nearly 250 families, who have lost a breadwinner and keep facing great difficulties, have benefited from the project.
He stated that a committee was formed to supervise the work in the field of sacrifices in Nablus Governorate, and to ensure the distribution of sacrifices to the largest possible number of beneficiaries.
The association's administration expressed their gratitude for implementing such projects due to their importance and their great role in supporting charitable work and supporting needy families. (end) nq.res