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Young Kuwaiti Pianist captivates classical music audiences in Geneva

Kuwaiti Pianist Rawan Behbehani
Kuwaiti Pianist Rawan Behbehani


By Abdulwahab Al-Qayed VIENNA, June 24 (KUNA) -- Young Kuwaiti Pianist Rawan Behbehani captivated audiences at the Victoria Hall Theater in Geneva. Her appearance, the first of its kind, is a considerable feat, as the concert venue is known for hosting musical geniuses.
Behbehani, a prodigy of classical music, appeared on stage for eight minutes playing the second movement of Beethoven.
The young pianist told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) of her overwhelming joy for representing Geneva's Conservatoire alongside her peers, as the institute is the oldest in Switzerland and one of the oldest in Europe.
Behbehani answered a question on the musical pieces that have influenced her saying that she has been moved by the work of Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn and other classical music geniuses.
She spoke to KUNA of her recent visit to Mozart's home turned museum, where she also attended a concert, and voiced her hope for a chance to play at Vienna or Salzburg's Opera Houses.
Rawan discovered her passion for classical music at the ripe age of six, and despite her youthful career, she has already been awarded 13 international prizes.
She performed with an orchestra for four times, including a performance in Kuwait with Prague's philharmonic orchestra at the age of 10, a performance in Geneva at 12, and on Omani women day at the local opera house in 2022.
Upon realizing her talents, Rawan's family made sure to create the proper environment to cultivate her gift. (end) amg.aai