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Kuwait Municipality warns homeowners of basement rentals

Municipality Spokesperson Mohammad Sendan.
Municipality Spokesperson Mohammad Sendan.
KUWAIT, June 23 -- Kuwait Municipality warned homeowners on Sunday against renting out their house basements as warehouses for storing goods.
Inspection teams have recently noticed several random ads seeking to rent private basements in residential areas at high prices after the Municipality cleared out several commercial basements for violating safety codes, said Municipality Spokesperson Mohammad Sendan in a press statement.
"Many private homeowners are renting out their basements as warehouses for storing food, furniture, and flammable or toxic items to earn extra monthly income, which endangers properties and human lives and is a serious violation of municipal regulations and law," said Sendan.
The Municipality will be on the lookout for such violators, Sendan confirmed, adding that citizens and residents can report any violations to the Municipality Hotline (139) or WhatsApp number (24727732). (end) tms.sa