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Israeli aircraft hit car killing one person in southeastern Lebanon -- NNA

BEIRUT, June 22 (KUNA) -- Israeli occupation planes attacked a car in the town of Al-Khiara in southeastern Lebanon on Saturday killing one person, the National News Agency said.
The occupation warplanes also raided the towns of Al-Khiam, Tallet Al-Ezzeia and Kfar Kela, the NNA said, adding that the Lebanese resistance targeted the occupation outposts in Al-Manara, in the north of occupied Palestine.
High tension is prevailing in Lebanon due to daily skirmishes between the occupation forces and the Lebanese resistance in southern Lebanon.
The daily tit-for-tat attacks with various weapons have remained short of a full-fledged war. However, the occupation leaders have threatened to wage an all-out war on Lebanon if diplomacy fails to silence the guns.
Media have reported that more than 60,000 occupation settlers had fled the north of occupied Palestine due to the incoming rockets and shells and some 100,000 Lebanese have fled the villages and towns in the south to safe areas. (end) ayb.rk