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Palestinian Presidency applauds Armenia's recognition of Palestine

RAMALLAH, June 21 (KUNA) -- The Palestinian Presidency on Friday applauded Armenia's recognition of Palestine as an independent and sovereign state describing the move as crucial for boosting bilateral relations and attaining peace and stability in the region.
The presidency, in a statement, expressed gratitude to the Republic of Armenia for taking this brave and sagacious step that mirrored the bonds of friendship between the two friendly peoples and countries, as well as Armenia's keenness to support the Palestinian people.
This decision is in line with the will of the international community and contributes to finding a settlement in the region.
It urged other nations that have not taken such a move yet to follow suit and recognize the State of Palestine, according to the international legitimacy's resolutions that call for establishing this state with the 1967 borders.
Spain, Ireland, Norway, and Slovenia had declared recognition of the State of Palestine raising the number of states that took this move to 149. (end) nq.rk