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Spain, Qatar renew call for immediate truce in Gaza

MADRID, June 21 (KUNA) -- Spain and Qatar on Friday renewed the call for an immediate cease-fire as it is the sole avenue for de-escalation in Gaza and urged for launching a political process aimed at attaining viable peace in the Middle East.
The joint declaration was made during a news conference held by the visiting Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani and his Spanish counterpart Jose Albares, within the framework of the first round of the joint strategic dialogue.
Qatar believes that the instant truce is the sole way to taper off the escalation on all fronts and that diplomacy is also the only avenue to end strife and wars, said Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulrahman at the press conference.
He affirmed that Doha would continue cooperation with regional and international partners to try to end the war in Gaza and prevent spillover of the violence, also confirming that his country was also seeking to muzzle the guns, release the prisoners, and attain peace in the region.
Hailing Spain's efforts at these levels, the Qatari prime minister and minister of foreign affairs said Madrid set a moral, brave, and true model and sent a message in a very delicate time against double standards.
For his part, Albares lauded Qatar's role in releasing several prisoners, ceasing the fire for some time, and seeking to restore stability to the Middle East. "This is the only path to achieve peace in the whole region," he said.
Elaborating, Albares said peace can be attained through implementing a plan for establishing the two states and recognizing a viable Palestinian state, indicating that Spain would seek to hold an international conference aimed at achieving a comprehensive and lasting peace in the region. However, he expressed serious concerns regarding the current violence in Lebanon and Iraq. (end) hnd.rk