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Japan extends dispatch to UN mission HQ in S. Sudan

TOKYO, June 21 (KUNA) -- The Japanese government decided on Friday to extend the dispatch of six Self-Defense Force officers to the UN peacekeeping operation in South Sudan by another year, the Foreign Ministry said.
The extension, until the end of June next year, was approved at a Cabinet meeting earlier in the day in light of the significance of continuing contribution toward international peace and security, the ministry said in a statement. The announcement comes after the UN Security Council adopted resolution in April, which extended the mandate of the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMISS) until April 30, 2025.
"The dispatch of headquarters staff personnel to the UNMISS is intended to support the progress of the peace process in South Sudan together with the international community," the ministry said, adding that this mission is the only UN peacekeeping operation to which Japan currently deploys its personnel. "From the perspective of maintaining close engagement with the UN, cooperating with African countries in the vicinity of South Sudan and ensuring opportunities for human resource development, the dispatch is meaningful for Japan," the statement said.
Since November 2011, Japan has dispatched staff officers at UN mission's headquarters in Juba. Currently, six Ground Self-Defense Force personnel carry out their duties, including Deputy Chief of Staff, as well as officers in charge of logistics, database, engineering, and air operations, it said. (end) mk.hb