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US voices concern about escalation in Lebanon

WASHINGTON, June 20 (KUNA) - The United States on Thursday voiced intense concern about the rapid military escalation between Lebanon and the Israeli occupation, stressing that it does not to see the Middle East conflict spreading.
"We have been pursuing a diplomatic resolution to try to make clear that there should be no further escalation. And that's what we'll continue to pursue," the US State Department Spokesman Matthew Miller said in a press briefing.
Miller reiterated that the best way to unlock the possibility of a resolution along the Israeli-Lebanese border would be achieving a ceasefire in Gaza.
"We continue to actively pursue a ceasefire in Gaza, primarily for -- to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza and to secure the return of hostages," he said.
"But a very important side effect, we assess, would be making it much easier to achieve a ceasefire and a diplomatic resolution along the Israel-Lebanon border." He made it clear that "it's very difficult to reach such a resolution while the conflict in Gaza continues at the pace it is today". (end) rsr.ibi