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Kuwait FM: Kuwait will always relieve the most vulnerable

KUWAIT, June 13 (KUNA) -- Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Al-Yahya on Thursday affirmed the State of Kuwait's permanent commitment to helping the most vulnerable people across the world within the approach toward a world where no one will be without shelter.
Minister Al-Yahya was speaking on the occasion of World Refugee Day (falling on June 20), at a ceremony involving the UN Higher Commissioner for Refugees, held at the headquarters of Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED). Also attending was the GCC Secretary General Jassem Al-Budaiwi, KAFED's Acting Director General Walid Al-Bahar and heads of diplomatic missions in Kuwait.
This ceremony, held under the theme, "the Kuwait of development and humanity," affirms solidarity of the country, along with the international community, with the refugees worldwide.
The world nowadays is witnessing humanitarian crises of unprecedented dimensions, leading to a staggering number of the relocated estimated at 120 million, said the minister, also KFAED's chairperson.
Conflicts and wars have increased in the Arab region causing tremendous humanitarian and social catastrophes, and drastic decline in development, and internal and external displacement of millions of people, he said, citing the extraordinary conditions in Sudan, Syria and occupied Palestine. According to the UNRWA, some six million Palestinians are recorded as refugees.
It will go down in history that more than two million relocated Palestinians in Gaza have been subjected to genocide and torture, minister Al-Yahya stated.
He also noted that KFAED had given direct aid to millions of afflicted peoples, recalling that Kuwait had allocated USD 1.9 billion to relieve the Syrian refugees Kuwait is proud of its strong partnership with the UNHCR, he said, indicating that via this relationship, it had offered funding to build houses and attend to the refugees' needs in various spots of the world.
Concluding his speech, the minister affirmed that Kuwait would continue relieving peoples suffering from the dire impact of conflicts and natural disasters. (end) yt.rk