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Pres. Al-Sisi holds Israeli occupation responsible for unprecedented crisis in Gaza

DEAD SEA, Jordan, June 11 (KUNA) -- Egyptian President Abdulfattah Al-Sisi on Tuesday said that what the Palestinian people are bearing of unprecedented humanitarian crisis falls directly on Israeli occupation, and called it a deliberate product of a destructive vindictive war against Gaza Strip.
Al-Sisi made these remarks at the opening of the international conference for emergency humanitarian response in Gaza hosted by Jordan.
The Egyptian President stated that Egypt has repetitively warned of the dangers of this war and its consequences, calling for compelling the occupation into ending the siege and refraining from using policy of hunger, as well as removing all obstacles hindering sustainable and efficient flow of aid to Gaza.
He affirmed necessity of immediate ceasefire, releasing all hostages, and asserted necessity of providing necessary financial support to UNRWA.
Military and security solutions will only bring to region further disruption and bloodshed, remarked Al-Sisi adding that the only way to instill peace and stability is through addressing root causes of the issue via the two-state solution.
The conference was jointly organized by Jordan, Egypt and the United Nations with the aim of enhancing international community's response to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. (end) amn.aai