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Briefing of KUNA main news for Saturday until 00:00 GMT

WASHINGTON - UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres hailed Kuwait's role in supporting humanitarian work around the world.
KUWAIT - The Ministry of Health declared that the whole team of medical services for the Kuwaiti hajj expedition had arrived in holy Makkah.
JEDDAH - The head of the Kuwaiti pilgrimage expedition Dr. Badr Al-Mutairi affirmed that all preparations had been fully taken to host and serve the State of Kuwait pilgrims.
RAMALLAH - The Israeli occupation forces subjected Al-Nusairat camp in central Gaza with a hail of gunfire employing various types of deadly arms as up to 80 Palestinians fell as martyrs.
RAMALLAH - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to discuss the Israeli occupation bloody massacre at al-Nusairat camp where hundreds of martyrs have fallen.
ISTANBUL - Foreign ministers of the D-8 developing nations jointly pledged to pursue support for the Palestinian people in Gaza.
PARIS - French President Emmanuel Macron said the situation in Gaza is unacceptable and called for coordinated efforts to avert escalation in the region including Lebanon.
KUWAIT - The European Union Saturday lambasted in the "strongest terms" the massacre of over 200 Palestinian civilians in the Nuseirat refugee camp by in Gaza Israeli-occupation forces.
ALGIERS - The US has started pulling out troops and military equipment from Niger after failing to reach an agreement with the West African nation to keep its bases there. (end) ibi