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NNA: occupation's drone attacks village in South Lebanon

BEIRUT, June 8 (KUNA) -- A pilotless aircraft of the Israeli occupation on Saturday fired rockets targeting a cafe at a fuel station in the southern town of Aitaroun, the official National News Agency reported.
The attack killed two persons, inflicted massive damage at the cafe, adjacent stores, houses and the fuel station, the NNA said.
Meanwhile, the occupation artillery forces lobbed phosphoric shells into the vicinity of Alma Al-Shaab causing fires in bushes. The blazes scorched olive trees and reached the margins of nearby houses. The occupation's gunners also shelled Bait Lif and Al-Dhaira.
The NNA, citing a resistance statement, said a drone unleashed from Lebanon hit an artillery emplacement of the occupation forces in northern Palestine, adding that the fighters attacked other occupation outposts in the regions close to the border with Lebanon. (end) ayb.rk