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Arab League marks Palestinian Naksa anniv., calls for Gaza ceasefire

CAIRO, June 5 (KUNA) -- Marking the 57th anniversary of Al-Naksa (the setback), the Arab League called, on Wednesday, for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the halt of the brutish Israeli aggression.
In a statement marking the sorrowful event, which occurred on June 5, 1967, the Arab League stressed that following the ceasefire and withdrawal of the Israeli aggressors, efforts of reconstruction and swift distributing of relief aid must commence.
The Israeli occupation must withdraw from all occupied Palestinian and Arab lands including the West Bank and the Golan Heights, added the statement, indicating that Israelis were going against all international laws, the Geneva conventions and human rights agreed upon by the vast majority of the global community.
Back to the current outrageous predicament in the Gaza Strip, the Arab League demanded that the Israeli occupation should cease all acts of aggression, which continued for eight months for now, noting that 2.3 million people in Gaza were suffering all kinds of horror due to the so-called military campaign, which in fact amounted to war crimes and genocide.
The League indicated that 36,000 plus lives were lost including those of women, children, men, and the elderly under the silence of the global community.
It went on to say that 80 percent of infrastructures in the Gaza Strip were either totally destroyed or were unlivable.
The only solution, the statement said, which go through forcing the Israeli aggressors to accept international laws and regulations connected with their occupation as well as accepting a peace deal, which would ensure a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders and east Jerusalem as capital. (end) mfm.gta