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Jordan condemns Israeli occupation's bombing of Rafah camp

AMMAN, May 27 (KUNA) -- Jordan condemned Monday Israeli occupation attacks on Rafah refugee camp in Gaza close to the UN refugee agency (UNRWA) headquarters, as a breach of international and humanitarian laws and International Court of Justice orders.
In a statement, Jordanian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Dr. Sufyan Qudah expressed Jordan's condemnation of the Israeli occupation's crimes violating humanitarian and international laws, calling on the international community to push for accountability.
Dr. Qudah underscored the need for the international community to put an end to the Israeli occupation's oppressive actions towards Palestinians.
Ensuring Palestinian civilian and humanitarian organizations' safety is of the utmost importance, added Dr. Qudah.
Health authorities in Gaza reported that more than 50 Palestinian civilians were killed or injured due to the Israeli occupation's bombings of the Rafah refugee camps, without having a hospital accommodating those in dire need of aid. (end) amn.za