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OIC vehemently condemns Rafah massacre

JEDDAH, May 27 (KUNA) -- Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) vehemently condemned on Monday the horrific massacre Israeli occupation committed in Rafah, describing it as a war crime, crime against humanity and systemized state terrorism requiring accountability as per international criminal law.
In a statement, OIC Secretary General Hussein Taha held occupation responsible for its atrocious crimes against Palestinians, and its practices that go against humanitarian principles and violate international law.
The organization renewed its call for the international community to compel occupation forces into ceasing the aggression and permitting entry of humanitarian aid.
Health authorities in Gaza announced Sunday night more than 50 killed or injured in recent strikes targeting displaced people's tents in Rafah, leaving emergency response teams at loss on where to take the wounded as no hospital in Rafah can withstand the capacity.
This massacre comes after a series of strikes on Tel Al-Sultan targeting tents of displaced people, taking number of those killed to 190 persons, as per Gazan media authorities. (end) fn.aai