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Arab Parliament denounces Israeli occupation's massacre of Rafah

CAIRO, May 27 (KUNA) -- The Arab Parliament denounced on Monday the Israeli occupation deliberate targeting of displaced Palestinians in Rafah's refugee camps.
In a statement, the Parliament said the occupation violated every international and legislative law, which calls for an immediate halt to this aggression targeting Palestinians.
The statement added that the failure of not holding the Israeli occupation accountable for the massacre committed in Rafah, and the failure to take any measure against them makes them continue with their crimes against Palestinians.
The Parliament considered the positions of the countries supporting the occupation, especially the US, the main reason for it continuing to commit more crimes, which claimed thousands of lives, including children and women.
The Arab Parliament called on the Security Council, international and humanitarian organization to pressure the occupation forces to stop the massacre on Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem.
The Parliament also called on the occupation to obligate to the implementation of the International Court of Justice's (ICJ) decision, which orders the Israeli occupation entity to cease its military operations in Rafah, in response to Arab, regional, and international demands. (end) mfm.ahm