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Israeli occupation's drone strikes car in South Lebanon killing one person

BEIRUT, May 23 (KUNA) -- An Israeli occupation's pilotless aircraft attacked a car in South Lebanon early on Thursday killing one person and wounding three others, the official National News Agency (NAA) reported.
The NNA said the drone struck the car on a road near the market town of Nabatiya, killing the driver and wounding three students who were on board of a nearby bus.
The hit car erupted in flames, prompting civil defense teams and the Lebanese Red Cross personnel to head quickly to the scene, the NNA said, indicating that the wounded were whisked to hospitals.
The occupation forces have been involved in tit for tat attacks with the Lebanese resistance in the border regions.
More than 300 Lebanese have been killed in the skirmishes that often escalate into intense fighting and some 100,000 residents of the south have fled to safer areas. (end) ayb.rk