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Thousands march in Brussels demanding immediate ceasefire in Gaza

KUWAIT, May 19 (KUNA) -- Thousands of people took part in a demonstration in Brussels Sunday afternoon to protest the ongoing Israel massacre in Gaza and demanded an immediate ceasefire and a just resolution for the Palestinian people, Belgian media reported.
This marked the sixth such large-scale protest in Belgium since 7 October, broadcaster VRT reported.
The protest was organized by a coalition of civil society organizations including the Belgian Palestinian Association (ABP), the Palestinian collective Beitna, Solidaris, and others.
"More than 35,000 Palestinians have already been killed since Hamas attacked Israel just over seven months ago, majority women and children," the organizers said in a press release.
"More than 79,000 people have been injured, and over 7,000 have gone missing. Nearly 2 million people have had to flee, and major parts of civil infrastructure have been destroyed, it noted.
The organizers are calling for international intervention to resolve the conflict. "The international community must urgently establish a permanent ceasefire, ensure the protection of all civilians and the release of all hostages, end the siege of the Gaza Strip, and allow access to international aid for Palestinians, who are currently in a dire humanitarian situation", they said.
Furthermore, they called upon the European Union and its member states to impose a total international military embargo on Israel and to introduce economic and diplomatic sanctions against the country.
They urged Europe to fully support the investigations of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the proceedings initiated by South Africa before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Israel, and prohibit all trade with Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories." (end) nk.aa