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Two Syrian children killed in Israeli strikes on south Lebanon -- NNA

BEIRUT, May 17 (KUNA) -- The Israeli occupation aircraft on Friday launched a series of raids on Al-Zahrani region, located many kilometers away from the north of occupied Palestine.
The Israeli military aircraft also hit the village of Al-Najjariyah near the port city of Sidon, some 50 kilometers from the capital Beirut, killing two Syrian children, the NNA said.
The official Lebanese news agency said the attacking military planes targeted locations close to the town of Al-Addousiya, the oil storage facility in Al-Zahrani, just south of Sidon, and the village of Al-Najjariya. The attacks inflicted casualties, the NAA said.
Farther south, the occupation troops, positioned on Birket Risha Hills, machine-gunned the vicinity of the Lebanese border town of Aita Al-Shaa.
The NNA, citing a "resistance" statement, said it carried out attacks with armed drones on the headquarters of the occupation's 411th artillery battalion in "Jaatoun" in the north of the occupied territories.
Southern Lebanon has turned into a hot front with tit-for-tat attacks and skirmishes that often turn into intense fighting since early October, when "Al-Aqsa flood" operation was launched. At least 300 Lebanese have been killed so far, in addition to thousands wounded.
Media reports indicated that at least 70,000 Southerners had to evacuate their houses in the mostly targeted regions of the south. (end) ayb.rk