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Kuwait possess potentials for tourism boom - experts

By Salem Al-Methen DUBAI, May 6 (KUNA) -- Kuwait has all the necessary potentials for ameliorating the tourism sector and become a preferred tourism destination for Arabian Gulf and international travelers, travel have experts concurred.
In separate interviews with KUNA on the sidelines of the 31st session of the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, the experts pointed to the stability, economic development and financial resilience as some of the potentials Kuwait has.
They commended the government endeavors and efforts, especially during the current period, to overhaul the tourism infrastructure, through increasing the number of luxury hotels, world-calls restaurants, and entertainment facilities.
They also underlined the need for well-studied plans and efforts to promote tourism destinations and facilities to attract more visitors from all over the world.
"Kuwait has distinguished geographical location, and diverse and rich culture and history," Mohammad Mustafa, Dubai-based travel expert, told KUNA.
He pointed out that the development of the tourism sector in Kuwait would help achieve sustainable growth in tourism revenues, boost national economy and create job opportunities for nationals.
"Kuwait could also become a leading tourism destination in the region and attract more visitors and tourism investors," Mustafa said. For his part, CEO of the Golden Globe Company Khaled Abuzaid said that Kuwait has well-established infrastructure and highly qualified national cadres in all economic and investment sectors who are able to develop the tourism sector to be able to compete with regional rivals.
He underlined the pivotal role of the tourism sector in the strengthening the national economy.
Abuzaid called for preserving and developing the cultural and environmental heritage for boosting the national identity of the state and attracts more tourists.
He also encouraged the government to introduce tourism-focused educational and training programs to improve the efficiency of travel agencies, workers and ensure provision of high-level services to tourists.
Meanwhile, Director General of Lebanon Radio Asaad Marwan told KUNA that Kuwait "possesses great potentials and opportunities to achieve a remarkable tourism renaissance".
He called the private and public sectors in Kuwait to cooperate to turn this goal into a reality on the ground for benefit of the national economy and society in general.
He urged the Kuwaiti government to launch initiatives and programs to encourage investment in this sector and facilitates related procedures.
He also called for diversifying programs for different kinds of tourism to attract different types of tourists.
The Arabian Travel Market is the leading global event for the inbound and outbound travel industry in the Middle East. For over 30 years, the annual event has connected products and destinations from around the world with buyers and travel trade visitors at the Dubai World Trade Centre.
The 31st edition of Arabian Travel Market, which kicked off on Monday and concludes on Thursday, brings together 2,300 exhibitors, from more than 165 countries, and 41,000 attendees.
From startups to established brands, the event highlights how innovators are enhancing customer experiences, driving efficiencies and accelerating progress towards a net-zero future for the industry.
The main theme for 2024 edition is 'Empowering Innovation - Transforming Travel Through Entrepreneurship', where conferees will explore how innovative sustainable travel trends will evolve and identify strategies for growth within specific key vertical sectors.
The event grows as fast as the markets it serves, generating USD 2.5 billion in deals in 2023, meaning there is no better place to unlock businesses potential. (end) skm.ibi