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Egypt denies urgent decision to close of Egyptian airspace

CAIRO, April 14 (KUNA) -- The Egyptian government denied on Sunday, what some websites and social media platforms circulated regarding the issuance of a decision to urgently close Egyptian airspace.
The Egyptian Cabinet's Media Center stated in a statement that it had contacted the Ministry of Civil Aviation, which denied those reports, confirming that no decisions had been issued regarding the closure of Egyptian airspace by any official entity.
The statement also emphasized that Egyptian airspace and air traffic are operating normally without any interruptions, as various Egyptian airports continue to operate all flights regularly according to their daily schedules, except for flights to some countries due to their airspace closure. The Ministry urged citizens not to be misled by such false news and to obtain information from reliable sources only.
The Cabinet's Media Center encouraged to all media platforms and users of social media to prioritize accuracy and objectivity when sharing news, cautioning against spreading unverified information that could cause confusion among the public.
EgyptAir announced on Saturday, the suspension of its flights to and from Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon until further notice due to regional events in the area. (end) asm.sm