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Beirut Al-Eid: Revive Solidere, Ramadan markets, Humanitarian initiative

Entrance into "eid Beirut" activity ground in the Solidere region
Entrance into "eid Beirut" activity ground in the Solidere region

By Fawaz Al-Otaibi

BEIRUT, March 25 (KUNA) -- During Ramadan, residents of Beirut lit up the city's center - known as the Solidere district - and the Beirut Souk commercial markets by organizing the Beirut Eid Humanitarian Event.
Solidere district stands out as one of the most impacted and devastated areas following the massive explosion that rocked the port of Beirut in August 2020, given the proximity of the blast site, as well as the majority of businesses in the area have shuttered their shops due to the severe economic crisis since 2019, alongside the widespread protests.
The initiator and organizer of the Beirut Eid Humanitarian Event, Ezzat Quraitem told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Monday, that this initiative aims to revive Solidere, which has been deserted by many stores due to the port explosion and economic crisis that has affected vital sectors and facilities. The initiative's concept originated from the cooperation between the private sector - represented by SMS company- and the charitable organization "Ajyalana" Quratem added. He further elaborated that the organizers of this event "deemed Ramadan the most opportune time" to execute this humanitarian initiative by reopening few small shops in Solidere, also, they established numerous diverse kiosk selling variety of products at nominal rental rates. Quraitem emphasized that the event organizers were keen on lowering the rental fees for the market spaces to encourage participation, he confirmed that all profits would go to treating 30 specific medical and humanitarian cases, in partnership with Agyalna charitable association. He affirmed that selection of the stores was done "with utmost care" to cater all preferences, as these stores sell Ramadan's traditional food and sweets, he also said that the event would run throughout Ramandan until Eid Al-Fiter, hence its name "Beirut Al-Eid". He mentioned the media coverage the humanitarian initiative received from a Lebanese channel, which established a platform at the event to broadcast and organize programs, competitions and various prizes for visitors and market attendees throughout the month of Ramadan. (end) fz.sm