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Biden: US plans to airdrop relief aid into Gaza soon

WASHINGTON, March 1 (KUNA) -- US President Joe Biden announced the United States military will airdrop humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza Strip in the coming days. The US will be pulling out every stop to get additional assistance into Gaza, which has been under heavy bombardment by Israel since the October 7, CNN quoted him as saying during his meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the Oval Office on Friday.
Biden noted that aid was not flowing into Gaza quickly enough and that he was working to broker an immediate ceasefire deal that would allow additional assistance into the enclave.
He stated that work toward a deal to release hostages continues, calling for "an immediate ceasefire" between Israel and Hamas.
"We're trying to work out a deal between Israel and Hamas on the hostages being returned and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza for at least the next six weeks and to allow the surge of aid to the Gaza Strip," Biden affirmed.
The president added that the US will "insist" that more trucks and routes be added so more aid can be delivered to people in Gaza. (end) asj.gb