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Kuwait Airways...new era of aviation development

Kuwait Airways celebrates its 70th anniversary
Kuwait Airways celebrates its 70th anniversary
KUWAIT, Feb 27 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Airways celebrates its 70th anniversary on Tuesday by launching its new logo and expanding its services, which reflects on their visions in achieving their goals.
Chairman of the Board of Directors Abdulmohsen Al-Fagaan, said in a press conference that Kuwait Airways seeks to develop its systems by using the latest technology in the fields of aviation.
He added that Kuwait Airways is collaborating with national food companies to improve the food quality on their aircraft, and launching a luggage home delivery service to the passengers arriving in Kuwait.
Al-Fagaan also stated that they launched the 'Blue Bird Channel' on all airplanes screens that contains programs and documentaries which meet the passengers' entertainment needs.
He also added that the company is operating 50 flights to 46 destination daily during the current winter season, noting that the number will increase to 54 destinations during the upcoming summer season.
Flights to London will increase to two daily, four weekly flights to Munich and Vienna, three weekly flights to Barcelona, Malaga, Bodrum, Sarajevo and Salalah, two flights weekly to Antalya and Nice, and a flight to Taif in Saudi Arabia, he said.
Al-Fagaan added that Kuwait Airways will operate a flight to Madrid weekly, which may increase to two weekly flights based on its demand.
For his part, Director of the company's operation department Abdulhameed Al-Ali stated that the company is offering two scholarship plans for students wishing to study aviation for qualification and training under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education.
Kuwait Airways was established in 1953 and operated its first flight on March 16, 1954, noting that it is wholly owned by the government of Kuwait. (end) md.ahm