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Lebanese media figures stand with Palestinian journalists

Lebanese media figures stand with Palestinian journalists
Lebanese media figures stand with Palestinian journalists
BIERUT, Feb 26 (KUNA) -- Lebanese media figures Monday stood in solidarity with Palestinian journalists, calling for holding the Israeli occupation accountable for its crimes.
The Lebanese syndicates of press and press editors organized the solidarity stance, where figures of different media sectors participated, at the International Federation of Journalists' invitation on 26 Feb, to stand with Palestinian journalists.
President of the Syndicate of Lebanese Press Editors Joseph kosseifi said that the name of the Israeli occupation has become "synonymous with genocide, blind violence and apartheid," stressing that no matter what this occupation commits, the Palestinian cause will remain forever.
The massacres committed and still being committed by the Israeli occupation forces against journalists and media crews must not go unpunished and must be the subject of follow-up by popular institutes and organizations around the world, he added.
On his part, Deputy Head of the Lebanese Press Editors Syndicate Georges Soulage said that the voices of media crews and their cameras are much louder than the voices of the occupation's bombs and missiles, and that they will continue to show the right of the Palestinians and expose the crimes and massacres of the Israeli occupation.
In turn, Ali Youssef, a member of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Journalists, considered that participation as a commitment to what's right, noting that the Federation is working to secure a global consensus on two slogans: the first (Stop Killing Journalists) and the second (Stop the Aggression against Gaza).
Youssef added that the killing of journalists and their families in Gaza is to force them to prevent documenting the crimes of the occupation against the Palestinians, stressing that journalists do not only exercise their media role, but also play a protective role for the cause.
The International Federation of Journalists filed a lawsuit before the International Criminal Court last year against the Israeli occupation for committing murder, he noted, and that the court accepted the lawsuit but has not taken action yet.
Last Tuesday, the International Federation of Journalists announced February 26 as an International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian Journalists, stressing that providing support to journalists working in the Gaza Strip "has become a vital matter." (end) ayb.seo