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Iraqi PM: Iraq favors disengagement from axes

BAGHDAD, Feb 25 (KUNA) -- Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Al-Soudani said on Sunday that his government favors disengagement from coalitions and axes on the external front.
Addressing a conference, titled "Baghdad Sixth Dialogue," the prime minister added that Baghdad is open to maintaining advanced relations "with everybody and has the capacity to communicate" with the external powers and maintain "distinguished relations" with Iran and the US.
Al-Soudani called for regional states' intersection of interests on an economic basis, noting that "the development road" project would inspire the regional countries to seek partnerships and economic integration.
At the security level, he affirmed that the so-called notorious group, the "Islamic State" had been wiped out, adding that the development of the regular Iraqi forces consolidated the conviction that there is a possibility to conclude the presence of the international coalition personnel in Iraq.
President Abdulatif Rashid said yesterday during the same conference that his country would never be a launching pad for aggression on a third party in the region and affirmed the approach for dialogue among the Gulf countries. (end) ahm.rk