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New decree suspends elections law of '23

KUWAIT, Feb 21 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Official Gazette (Kuwait Al-Youm) published in its Thursday edition the decree No. 4 of 2024 temporarily suspending the National Assembly's election law No. 120 of 2023 until October 1.
It stipulates that elections will be held according to the new decree until the suspended law is re-enacted.
It stipulates that every Kuwaiti who has reached the age of 21 years has the right to vote, with the exception of those naturalized within the last 20 Gregorian years in accordance with the provisions of Article (6) of the Amiri Decree No. 15 of 1959 regarding the Kuwaiti Nationality Law and those convicted by a final court order of a fraudulent bankruptcy crime unless he\she has been rehabilitated in accordance with the law. Adherence to the provisions of the Constitution, the law and Islamic law, is a must for a voter to exercise his\her rights of voting and nomination.
The decree stated that a voter who has been convicted by final judgment of a felony, a crime against honor or trust, or a crime of insulting the divine entity, the prophets, or the Amir, shall be prohibited from voting unless rehabilitated.
The use of the right to vote shall be suspended for military and police personnel, it stipulated, adding that every voter must assume his electoral rights by himself or her in his\her electoral constituency where he\she actually and permanently resides and must confirm this address by his\her civil ID. A voter shall not cast his\her ballot more than once in a single election. (end) ibi