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Multilateral Naval Exercise Milan 2024 kicks off in Indian port Visakhapatnam

NEW DELHI, Feb 19 (KUNA) -- Indian Navy's largest Multilateral Naval Exercise Milan 2024 kicked off on Monday at Indian port Visakhapatnam.
According to Indian Defense, authorities around 50 countries will participate in the Naval Exercise scheduled to take place between 19 - 27 February at Visakhapatnam in South India with the theme 'Forging Naval Alliances For a Secure Maritime Future'. The Defense PRO Visakhapatnam under the Ministry of Defense welcomed several warships and their leaders as they arrived at Visakhapatnam from countries such as the US, Russia, Japan, Australia, France, Iran, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Seychelles and Vietnam.
"As part of the multinational naval exercise, pre-sail discussions were conducted among the participating units for sea phase led by Headquarters Eastern Fleet at Visakhapatnam today," a statement from the Indian Defense Forces said. "Nearly 140 officers from 15 navies, including the Indian Navy, collaborated to formulate plans for conduct of the complex sea phase. The participants brainstormed strategies for efficient joint operations at sea," it added. The 12th edition of Milan 2024 aims to provide a platform for the participating navies to share ideas to enhance security on the high seas and ensure the safety of maritime commerce for the growth and prosperity of all, Indian defense sources said. (end) atk.aa