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Arab economic committee convenes, with Kuwait participation

CAIRO, Feb 12 (KUNA) -- The economic committee of the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League held meetings on Monday in preparation for the councilآ’s 113th session set to be held on Thursday.
Consultant Muhannad Ghash, Jordan representative and meeting director, affirmed in his opening statement of the meeting the importance of overcoming the obstacles that hinder economy, investments and developments in different sectors of the Arab society.
He added that the economic and social council made immense developments in the economic field by cooperating with related regional and international economic mechanisms.
The committee will discuss the agenda of the 113th session, which includes the hardships of Palestinians and a joint Arab economic workforce, and a follow-up of the councilآ’s decisions during its previous session.
The two-day meeting will also discuss the economic and social file of the Arab League Council at the summit level in its next 33rd session scheduled in Bahrain in 2024, which will discuss the topic of the free trade area in the Arab area and the Arab Customs Unionآ’s developments.
The meeting's agenda also includes discussions on investments in Arab countries, the two Arab electricity common market agreements, the 2024 unified Western economic report, and the amended Arab agreement of taxes and customs duties exemptions on Arab air transport.
Tunisiaآ’s proposal of establishing an Arab Housing and Development bank will be discussed, as well as a number of topics received from the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development.
The meetings of the Social Committee of the Council were held on Sunday, to prepare for the 113th session in regards to the social file.
Kuwait is partaking in the meetings with a delegation headed by the acting assistant undersecretary for economic affairs Talal Al-Nimsh and several other officials. (end) mfm.fk